The Nicholls Group presents workshop series on various topics, typically in a format of weekly meetings over a certain period of time. These workshops combine lecture/presentation, handouts and materials, active participation/homework exercises, and the support of others who are experiencing similar circumstances.

Upcoming Workshops:

If you are interested in learning more about any of these groups, please call our office for more information and for dates and times. All of the information provided in group settings is also available individually, at your request. 

**New groups forming, call for dates!

Dr. Sally Logerquist's Groups:

  • Gifted Students Who Are Underachieving (SENG program):  Starting September 2015
    The focus of this 5-week therapy group is to assist families in teaching the language of optimism by developing skills that have been found to promote achievement, both academically and socially.  Building resilience through positive self-image. 

  • PEERS Teen Therapy Group :    Starting October 6th 2015
        The focus of this 14-week therapy group is on teens in high school and middle school who are having difficulty                 making or keeping friends.  It is an evidence-based program.  The intervention includes separate parent and teen          sessions that meet simultaneously for 90 minutes each week for 14 weeks.  Research findings suggest that the             use of PEERS as a parent-assisted social skills intervention leads to improvement in friendship skills in ASD.