How should I prepare myself/my child for an appointment?

Get ready! Potential clients should spend a little time organizing their thoughts and records before their first appointment. Try to write down exactly what your concerns are, any important information about the onset and history of the concerns, when/where/how the concerns affect the individual and their family, and exactly what the best outcome of your visit to The Nicholls Group might be. Try to identify goals you would like to achieve. Gather together any records you may have that would be helpful, including any prior medical, educational or psychological records you may have (but bring copies – leave your originals at home so that they don't get lost!). Identify any individuals whom we should contact for additional information.

Prepare your children: Children often feel scared about going to see a doctor. Reassure your child that we are "talking doctors" who don't look in their ears or give shots. Tell your child that they will be doing many different activities such as answering questions, looking at things, building things, and perhaps doing some school work. Explain that parents are typically not allowed to be in the room during testing, but that you will be right outside in the waiting room, and that the child will be able to take breaks and visit with their parents as needed. Allow younger children to bring along a security object or toy with them to the appointment, but try to avoid distracting toys such as video games. Help your child (and yourself) by getting a good night's sleep prior to the appointment, and be sure to eat before the appointment so that you/your child will not be hungry. In most cases, it is best if brothers and sisters stay home or at school during your child's evaluation.

Educational Evaluations:  Please bring  with you to the initial appointment any past psychological evaluations, IEP or 504 Plans, MET reports, Speech and Language evaluations, developmental history medical records,  progress notes, standardized scores, examples of schoolwork and any other information that you think would be useful for your Psychologist to review prior to you or your child's assessment.