Fees & Insurance

Charges are made on the basis of time spent by the professionals in their provision of services. Some services such as initial consultation interviews and therapy services involve charges only for the time spent in face to face contact.  Other services, such as evaluations and testing, require time outside of face to face contact, such as might be involved in the scoring and interpretation of administered tests, consultation with other parties, report writing, etc. 

The Nicholls Group requests that payment be made at the beginning of the service, in the form of cash, check or credit card. Clients who wish to submit claims for reimbursement of services through their insurance company will be provided with procedure and diagnosis codes to help with this process, however our office does not bill insurance companies directly. Please see the verification of benefits worksheets below for pre-approval codes.

Payments for services that are to be paid for by third parties (such as schools, attorneys, etc.) must be arranged prior to the first appointment.

Our fee's vary based on which provider and service is offered, please call our office to receive an estimate of our fee's. Phone 480-998-2303

Please see the following forms as a resource when calling your insurance company for pre-approval:

Verification of Benefits Worksheet-TNG