The Nicholls Group presents workshop series on various topics, typically in a format of weekly meetings over a certain period of time. These workshops combine lecture/presentation, handouts and materials, active participation/homework exercises, and the support of others who are experiencing similar circumstances.

Upcoming Groups:

If you are interested in learning more about any of these groups, please call our office for more information and for dates and times. All of the information provided in group settings is also available individually, at your request. 480-998-2303

Group lead by:
Jason Henslin, M.S., LAC and Graduate Student Alexandra Ingram, M.A.

Executive Function Skills Training Group:    Summer Groups Forming now! Call to reserve a spot!
We will be hosting six sessions, each of which will last 1.5 hours, on Saturdays. Each session will start with an introduction to specific areas of difficulty, the presentation of strategies or techniques that can be used to address this difficulty, and hands-on practice in the use of these strategies. Each session will end with a discussion of how executive function challenges get in the way of being successful in school and life and will allow group members to share their experiences. 

Age Groups:
  • Middle School Age (11-13)
  • High School Age (14-17)