The Nicholls Group consists of a team of Clinical Psychologists & licensed healthcare professionals who have diversified training backgrounds and offer a variety of psychological services, ranging from psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluations to individual, group, and family therapy. Our clinicians work with individuals across the entire lifespan, including infants, adolescents, and older adults.

Therapeutic Services

What kinds of treatment does The Nicholls Group offer?
Specific types of treatments have been found helpful for various kinds of conditions/needs. The clinical psychologists at The Nicholls Group have the advanced training and experience necessary to tailor treatment to fit each individual’s needs. Our treatment approaches include cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, family systems, experiential, solution-focused, and play therapies. The Nicholls Group also values education, where our professionals take the time to educate each individual about his/her condition and teach the strategies that can be learned to lessen the impact of the condition. As clinical psychologists, we do not prescribe medications, but we are more than happy to provide referrals and collaborate with physicians.

Please be sure to check our Meet Our Providers page for information on each Clinical Psychologist and his/her specialties.

How long does therapy have to last?
Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. Some presenting concerns can be addressed in one or two sessions, while others may be more long-term. On average, most treatment plans are no more than 10 sessions. However, we also offer single session consultations to help individuals assess what they need, and then provide appropriate optional referrals based on those needs. In many cases, the time required to implement change depends on the goals established and the client’s willingness to work.

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                         Diagnostic Services

How does it work?
Psychology is the study of behavior, and neuropsychology is the specialty within psychology that focuses on brain-behavior relationships. Our clinical psychologists will listen to your presenting concerns and develop a plan of how to best evaluate, and either provide or recommend treatment for the concerns that are brought to our attention. Evaluations may consist of a face-to-face interview, the completion of certain questionnaires, the gathering of information from other important sources (such as teachers, employers, or other professionals involved with the client), and/or the administration of specific psychological tests.

What kinds of tests may be given?
Our clinicians administer a wide range of intellectual, academic, and neuropsychological tests. Some psychological tests are questionnaires about behaviors and emotions, which are filled out by either the individual or someone who know the individual well. Other tests involve direct activities with the individual and may evaluate his/her attention, memory, problem solving, or many other specific skills.

What if I'm not sure?
We recommend setting up a one-hour initial interview session with a Psychologist.  This will allow you to meet the provider administering the tests and discuss your options. After this appointment you may choose what you feel the next step should be for you or your child. There is NO obligation to go forward with an evaluation after this initial meeting. 

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